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Other Non-Fiction

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"TIMOTHY ‘EQUALITY’ BROWN" Author:Abraham S. Marrache
Price: £5.00
Format: A5 paperback; 44 pages; illustrated

This monograph celebrates the life of a remarkable man of Regency times – the banker, brewer, wine merchant and hop factor Timothy Brown. Its publication also serves to mark the bicentenary of his elevation to Master of the Worshipful Company of Brewers, in 1817. Brown was as well-known known for his advanced, reformist views in the politics of the day – earning him the soubriquet ‘Equality’ Brown – as for his acts of philanthropy and Radical patronage.
A self-declared deist, dissenter and anti-Hanoverian during the tempestuous early 1800s, he regularly hosted soirées for free-thinking politicians, philosophers and literati at Peckham Lodge, his London home. Brown counted among his friends and acquaintances such personalities as the controversial clergyman John Horne Tooke, the Rural Rides author William Cobbett, the anarchist William Godwin, the colourful reformist Sir Francis Burdett Coutts and the Whig advocates Lords Thurlow and Erskine.
With the constant threat of Napoleonic invasion hanging in the air, Brown regularly found himself under surveillance by the authorities on account of his known socio-political views and for subscribing to supposedly seditious foreign papers. Always discreet, however, he avoided arrest – and went on to accumulate considerable wealth and to finance publications such as ‘that organ of infidel philosophy’ The Theologica lInquirer and the third part of Thomas Paine´s The Age of Reason.



"NATURE DOES IT BETTER!" Author:Uttrang Kaur
Price: £3.00
Format: Pocket paperback.

Did you know that you can use a potato as a deodorant?
Did you know that cocoa can be your eye shadow?
Did you know that you can grow moisturiser and mouthwash?

Here’s a book of simple things to make your life greener and easier!


Nature does it better

"OH, GET ON WITH IT!" :An inspired grandad tramps around Great Britain
Author: Colin Snook
Price: £15.00
Format: 156mm x 234mm paperback; 552 pages; 135 photographs, 12 in colour.

A chance encounter with a teenager suffering from an incurable disorder inspired 72-year-old grandfather Colin Snook to take a 4,000-mile walk around the coastline of Britain to raise money for the charity CLIMB— Children Living with Inherited Metabolic Diseases.

This illustrated log of his remarkable, energy-sapping trek combines vivid descriptions of the changing scenery he encounters with insights into the joys and trials of a long-distant hiker tramping in all weathers over a period of 347 days.

There's a foreword by the BBC football commentator Jonathan Pearce.


Oh Get on With It

"You're Quite Sober for a Monday!"
Price: £5.99
Format: Pocket-size paperback, 130 pages illustrated.

The regulars of the Brewers Arms in the East Sussex county town of Lewes are much like those you'll find in any English pub – by turns cheery, beery and now and then just a little befuddled. But the big difference at the Brewers is the Quotations Book, which captures every last unguarded inanity, outrageous comment and slip of the tongue for merciless posterity. Here's a selection from that behind-the-bar archive.

Do they mind? Not if their naming and shaming is in a good cause. All profits from this quirky little book are to be donated to the St Peter & St James Hospice at Chailey.



MONARCH: An Amazing Journey in Verse
Author: Roger Hopkins
Price: £8.99
ISBN 978-1-907242-29-8
Format: large format paperback; full colour photographs throughout

At each summer's close vast numbers of Monarch butterflies begin an epic journey from their habitat in North American, flying 2,000 miles south to their winter retreat deep in Mexico's wooded Sierra Madre mountains.

Awaking from hibernation the following spring, they mate to produce the generation which will undertake the first leg of their long journey north. Two further generations will be born before they reach their starting point and their amazing odyssey begins all over again.

Roger Hopkins' verse salute to these prodigious wanderings is accompanied by striking photographs of the land over which the Monarchs fly: Manhattan, the Missippi, prairies, plains and the fir forests of the Sierra Madre.



Author: Mavis Moya
Price: £19.95
ISBN 978 1 907242 27 4
Format: Full-colour 166-page paperback

Here's a feast of culinary delights and pleasant surprises. For those unfamiliar with Greek cuisine, Mavis Moya serves up a wide range of tantalising recipes, from starters (mezes) through to spoon sweets (glyka tou koutaliou).

Readers expecting only Greek dishes, on the other hand, will be delighted to find a range of other fare, for which the author draws on her English upbringing, her long sojourn in South Africa, her training at the Escoffier school in Paris and memories of delicious meals enjoyed with friends around the world.

But it is Greece, and in particular the enchanting island of Mykonos, which takes centre stage. Among the pleasures of exploring the pages of this distinctive cookery book are the heady evocations of hot days and moonlit evenings in the hidden corners of the archipelago's towns, beaches and country retreats.



Author: Eddie Blundell
Price: £7.99
ISBN 978 1 907242 47 2
Format: 250 pages, paperback

If you really want to outdo your business rivals, you need energy, intelligence, organisation ability and marketing skills. Eddie Blundell had all of these, along with that extra magic ingredient . . . muscle!

It was muscle that served him well during his stretches inside and it was muscle that helped him build his London-based ice-cream empire, battling for control of the top tourist sites, facing up to some of the most dangerous men in town, furiously fighting off an invading army of Hells Angels at a rock festival, enduring a Wild West-style shoot-out on the streets of Ilford – and much, much more.

This is a tough story about some very tough guys. You're going to meet Bill Bailey, ‘Stretch’, the Dixon brothers, serial murderer John Childs, Bill Parsons, brother Billy Blundell, the Kray Twins and of course, the six-foot-two, no-nonsense Eddie Blundell himself. This is his story in Eddie’s own words.




BASKETFUL OF FRAGMENTS – from the life and times of Mrs Oliphant
Author: Krystyna Weinstein
Price: £12.50
Format: 230 pages

Krystyna Weinstein's 'fictional autobiography' of a prolific Victorian author draws on her memoirs, her letters, the hundreds of pieces she wrote for Blackwood's Maga and her contribution to the Annals of that publishing house.

Margaret Oliphant (1828–1897) was a Scottish writer who, after the early death of her husband, brought up her three surviving children single-handed on the earnings from her pen.

A novelist, biographer, art critic, literary reviewer and travel writer, she met many of the leading figures of the day and, as this book reveals, had strong views about her 'rivals' and the society in which they moved.

The complex woman who emerges from this compelling imaginative reconstruction of her life finds herself on the cusp of conflicting attitudes towards women's liberation at a crucial moment in its development.


This title is available on the author's website: www.mrsoliphant.co.uk

Author: Jim Barham
Price: £5.00
ISBN 978 1907 2420 8 3
Format: 62 pages paperback, illustrated

Here are the often hilarious memories of a BOAC steward, with all the behind-the-scenes stories passengers can only guess at.

Jim Barham’s in-flight experiences include an earthquake, a hurricane and a heart-stopping emergency in the air.




THE TRAIL OF THE SERPENT - The true story of a Victorian murder on the London to Brighton railway line.
Author: James Gardner
Price: £9.50
ISBN: 0 9542587 6 2
Format: Paperback; 234x156mm portrait; 192 pages; 16 illustrations, 2 colour

In 1881 retired businessman Frederick Gold was murdered in a train down from London, his body thrown into the Balcombe tunnel.  Percy Lefroy, a strange and colourful character, was later hanged for the crime, which caused a sensation in Victorian England.  Wax models of Gold and Lefroy were created at Madame Tussauds, and while Lefroy was on the run dozens of innocent men were arrested because of a resemblance to his picture on the 'Wanted' posters.

James Gardner’s researches have unearthed Lefroy’s hitherto unpublished autobiography written in the condemned cell.  It shows him to have been a fantasist with literary pretensions who killed in desperation as he fell deeper and deeper into debt.  The story also involves one of the leading young actresses of the day, who was forced to deny any relationship with Lefroy – but whose later fall from grace strangely echoed facts he had invented about her.

Drawing richly on newspapers of the time and other contemporary material, the book will appeal both to those interested in Victorian social history and to devotees of true crime stories.




BODY WORSHIP – the frank, wildly humorous and preposterously near-the-knuckle memoirs of a Brighton "erotic services provider" .
[Published under our Flesh Press imprint]
Author: Letitcia
Price: £8.99
ISBN 0 9533493 8 1
Format: A5 paperback; 192 pages.

Meet Letitcia. She’s been there, she’s seen it and she’s most certainly done it – many, many times. She even managed to shock the unshockable Julie Burchill along the way.

Letitcia’s accounts of her sexploits as an erotic services provider in Australia, England and several places in between are by turns hilarious and cringe-making, raunchy and risqué.

She knows the male of the species inside out, and in this unique revelation of the sex-for-sale business she spills the beans about his desperate attempts to satisfy a slew of irrepressible lusts and longings – often in the most outlandish ways.

Unapologetically non-PC, Letitcia gives us her trenchant views about Australians (lousy lovers), Malaysians (sexual hypocrites) and Japanese (eager to please in bed). As for the English, they appear in a variety of guises – anal retentive, malodorous, kinky, exploitative and, just now and then, considerate enough to want to give a girl a good time, too.

Beach bum gigolos, sex oral and aural, dating agencies, sex aids, domination, painful accidents, the rate for the job and what men really want from women – this vibrant book offers a unique and unforgettable view of the underbelly of human sensuality.




Author: John H. Player
Price: £8.50
ISBN 978 0 9559006 3 1
Format: 178 pages paperback

In this amazingly wide-ranging investigation into creation, evolution, myths, prophecies, reincarnation, religion, the metaphysical and the paranormal, the author warns that the Earth is moving rapidly into its 4th density phase – so challenging the human race to raise its consciousness to the new vibrational frequency.

Subtitled “A world in crisis”, and dedicated to “all those who dare to look beyond the illusion”, it claims that the Earth is changing after 75,000 years in 3rd density, and that we need to raise our consciousness in order to survive on it.

“In the little time left,” the author writes, “we all need to learn that only by a radical change from our self-serving ways towards a more harmonious social climate, and a love of our fellow creatures, will we be in a position to limit the extent of any transitional damage.”



Author: Sheila Webber
Price: £12.99
ISBN: 978 0 9559006 9 3
Format: Paperback; 160 pages

Here’s an impassioned polemic by an artist-author who, moved by the sumptuous beauty of the natural world, recoils in vividly expressed distaste from the human greed and violence which betrays and distorts it.

Sheila Webber’s uniquely rolling prose ranges from the poetically ecstatic to the savagely condemnatory as she examines the routes mankind has taken – through politics, big business, war and the subjugation of the weak by the powerful – to subvert a benevolent natural order.

Despite her unsparing analysis, however, she yet clings to the hope that, ‘rather than being of detriment to the ethos of all life on earth, whilst yet open to moral directive, we might gain at least equal status as the flies and the bees – as the bubbles dancing in a mountain stream’.




Author: C.M. Kelshall
Price: £10
ISBN: 978-1-907242-25-0
Format: A5  138 pages

Candyce Kelshall is a military historian and security analyst. A fellow at Buckingham University Centre for Security and Intelligence Sutdies (BUCSIS), she is currently a DPhil researcher in national intelligence and maritime security. 

Focusing on the uprising of the Regiment of Trinidad and Tobago during the Black Power revolutionary era of the 1970s, her book asks a fundamental question: to what extent is the nature of the existing civil-military paradigm in a developing country the basis upon which intervention becomes a possibility?





Author: The Max Miller Appreciation Society
Price: £7
ISBN: 978-1-907242-24-3
Format: A5  112 pages

The Cheekie Chappie has a statue in his home town of Brighton and a following throughout the world, in no small part due to the Max Miller Appreciation Society (MMAS). They’ve followed up their successful first edition with a new tribute book which features many dozens of the comedian’s jokes (some, of course, decidedly near the knuckle), along with photographs and cartoons.

The book also includes a poem by MMAS president Roy Hudd, a signed message from Ken Dodd and an appreciation by MMAS patron Michael Aspel. There are five pages of colour, too.





Author: John Player
Price: £8.50
ISBN: 978 1 907242 00 7
Format: Paperback 92 pages; colour photographs

The bitter winter of 1962–63 set the seal on the decision by John Player, his wife Audrey and their four young children to try a new life halfway round the world in Australia, joining thousands of other hopefuls as emigrating ‘£10 Pommies’.

Here’s a story of adventure, tough times, hard-won triumphs – and an eventual return to England with two more, Australian-born children in tow. It will strike a chord with anyone who joined the ranks of the Boomerang Pommies, whether they stuck fast Down Under or returned, at last, to Blighty.